First Class Fatherhood

Great Advice from Great Guests!

Listened to the episode “#384 Sean Hannity”. Enjoyed listening to Sean’s take on fatherhood & family life. He is such a humble guest and loved seeing a side of him, which was not discussed previously in the media.
This episode is very insightful, packed with great advice. Got to agree that growing up in that era was not comfortable with parents being rigorous. I love how Sean encourages his children to do well by using a different approach. I would say it is the ideal approach. Love the advice, “Treat people as you want to be treated.” Thanks to Sean, I was able to clear a lot of doubts about being a great father.
Alex, you are a great host, and love your voice. I see this as a service more than just a podcast. Thanks for publishing amazing content and inviting great guests to your podcast. Recommend this to anyone who enjoys listening about fatherhood & family Life.

Sept. 3, 2020 by bale_t on Apple Podcasts

First Class Fatherhood