First Class Fatherhood

First Class Fatherhood

We are not Babysitters, we are fathers, and not just fathers, we are First Class Fathers! Welcome to First Class Fatherhood, a Podcast with a vision to change the narrative of Fatherhood & Family Life. I have interviewed over 400 high profile Dads including NFL Legends (Deion Sanders, Kurt Warner, Tom Brady) Navy SEALs (Jocko Willink, Marcus Luttrell) Actors (Matthew McConaughey, Dean Cain) Skateboarding Icon Tony Hawk UFC President Dana White & many more. Everyday is Fathers Day on First Class Fatherhood Support this podcast:

Recent Episodes

#678 Nick Lavery

Jan. 27, 2023

Episode 678 - Nick Lavery is a First Class Father and active duty Green Beret. In 2013, on Nick's second combat rotation to Afghanistan, he and his Detachment fell victim to an insider attack ultimately resulting in the los…

#677 Trey Gowdy

Jan. 25, 2023

Episode 677 - Trey Gowdy is a First Class Father, Former Congressman, Former Federal Prosecutor and New York Times Bestselling Author. He served as the U.S. representative for South Carolina's 4th congressional district fro…

#676 Congressman Jimmy Gomez

Jan. 20, 2023

Episode 676 - Congressman Jimmy Gomez is a First Class Father and Politician serving as the U.S. Representative for California's 34th congressional district. In the 117th Congress, he served as Vice Chair of the House Commit…

#675 Michael Fishman

Jan. 18, 2023

Episode 675 - Michael Fishman is a First Class Father, Actor, Director, Writer, Producer, and Technical advisor. He began his illustrious career at the age of 6, playing D.J. Conner on ABC's iconic award-winning sitcom “Ros…

#674 Patrick Bet-David

Jan. 11, 2023

Episode 674 - Patrick Bet-David is a First Class Father, Entrepreneur and creator of Valuetainment. His family immigrated to America when he was 10 years old. After high school Patrick joined the U.S. military and served i…

#673 Dominique Moceanu and Dr. Michael Canales

Dec. 21, 2022

Episode 673 - Dominique Moceanu and Dr. Michael Canales are First Class Parents and World Class Gymnasts. Dominique Moceanu is an Olympic Gold Medalist who became the youngest US gymnast to win gold when she was just 14 year…