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So glad to have come across this via the DML show. God bless you Alec. This is an inspiring and must listen for everyone

Great dad show

Love it !!

Fantastic Podcast for a father or any parent

This podcast provides value to my commute. Educational, entertaining, and to the point. Great stuff.


We need more of this content. This country needs restructuring of the family and accountability issues. Thank you!

Important content

I love the celebration and recognition of fathers on this podcast! Keep up the good work! Praying for you!

Absolutely great podcast!

So entertaining and fun to listen to. @laciepostle

Love it

Much needed content!! @joellekn4

Awesome podcast

Love this !!! @kellymgreen78


Loved listening to Shawn and Andrew on parenthood! Sartman91

Family Connections

As an educator, I often see the disconnect between families and parents. Either parents are absent, not interested, or both. Encouraging families to be united and strong is a step in the right direction. I do believe this podcast can be used to encourage behaviors needed to create strong families. I hope listeners take the important key topics and details discussed and implement them in their own lives. @katie.bowde.13

Great listen!

Love you guys and all you do💗 Instagram @emmakvoller First year, 1st grade teacher!

Great Show!

Great Show, 5stars! @brandi_putman

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East Podcast

I absolutely loved this podcast. I didn’t even know about Firstclass fatherhood but now I’m so excited that Shawn Johnson brought this to my attention through instagram on her story about the classroom giveaway. My instagram is chelc2317.

5 month old at home 🥰

My husband has listen to a bunch of episodes and finds them extremely informative. When I'm not at work I'll listen with him and I have to say even I find it informative! IG: emkmurray

Spot on

Extremely informative and well said! Will be continuing to listen! @kylieanne.01

Love the podcast & Shawn and Andrew!

My favorite thing to listen to right now! I loved the episode with Shawn and Andrew! I work at a school where there are an abundance of absent fathers and it breaks my heart💔 We could really use an update of toys for the kiddos at school, especially in our specials needs class. You guys have the best hearts! My Instagram is @cheryl.gow


Love what this is bringing to the table and over all Whats it’s about IG: kesley_gower

Andrew & Shawn East

Another great episode! Love this inspirational couple! @jojillmom

So inspiring!

I just finished my first episode. I’ve learned so much from this one episode. There is a lot of research and care that goes into this podcast. It’s not just about how cool fathers are. It’s all about what being a father means and how fathers affect society. Take a listen!

Amazing First Class Father

Andrew East and Shawn Johnson are amazing parents from what we can see on the their Instagram and YouTube channel! Seeing Andrew interact with their son and daughter, you can clearly see how much he loves his kids and family. He’s definitely is a first class father and together make a first class family!

Love this show!

I love this show and my husband does too! Sooo relateable! @theclaudsterr

Great resource

Very informative and informative entertaining.

AMAZING podcast

Easily my favorite podcast. Not all guests are equal, but so many of the guests prove to be great men by way of how they view fatherhood and Alec does a great job pealing that onion back to highlight the importance of active fatherhood

A quick listen to the guys you want to hear from

Really cool guests that don’t show up in other podcasts even though everyone wants to hear about their lives. Also it’s great to hear dads talk about fun and not fun parts is being a dad. I have heard no regrets listening to these interviews and I wish more interviewer would ask these questions. The world needs mores shows like this

First class conversations

As a Podcast host myself, it’s always great when you come across other shows that are putting out positive messages and sharing great stories like First Class Fatherhood is. Love the varying guests and hearing a different perspective than we normally hear. Keep up the great work!

High End View of Fatherhood

As a podcast host myself I love that this podcast has access to high profile dads and keep it real! Alec is a great host and this is an incredible podcast.

An excellent show with impactful guests

What do Deepak Chopra, Matthew McConaughey, and Tony Hawk all have in common? Talent and fame? Yes, but the most remarkable trait all these men share is that they are all fathers who have been transformed by that experience. First Class Fatherhood host, Alec Lace does a fine job of letting these men and many others speak about their most important roles in life - being fathers.

5 starts on Concept alone

There are a lot of podcasts out there that have great intentions in terms of highlighting the importance of fatherhood but this particular Podcast is one that nails it. For parents and fathers like me it is always important to continue learning ourselves but also from others. It is easy to see by the caliber of guests on the show that it is a mission that many wanna get behind and who also feel confident that this podcast makes one of the best vehicles to do so.