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I loved listening to the Kel episode! I grew up watching Nickelodeon, All That and I have fond memories watching Good Burger! It was fun to take a trip down memory lane and learn what he’s up to these days! On another note I’m a fellow podcaster and Alec and I met through Clubhouse. He’s a stand up guy and I appreciate his podcast advice!

A must listen!

This is an incredibly entertaining and insightful podcast about the journey of being a father with amazing celebrity guests!

Love this show!

This show is for anyone - not just dads! I LOVED the episode with Deepak Chopra. It was really cool to learn about his life from a different perspective. He briefly touched upon how he taught his kids to meditate. He also mentioned that his kids knew even better than him what they actually wanted and it taught him to pay attention to his own wants. Also, I didn’t realize Deepak was partnering with Fitbit! How cool. Thank you for this episode, I really enjoyed it 😊

Matthew McConaughey!!!

This is one of the best Matthew McConaughey interviews I’ve ever heard!! I didn’t know about this podcast until today. I’m a father of 2 and will be listening from now on. This guys guest list is insane!! Alright Alright Alright

Best Fatherhood Podcast Available

This podcast has the best guests with the best message. The Matthew McConaughey interview was fire!!!

Great Advice from Great Guests!

Listened to the episode “#384 Sean Hannity”. Enjoyed listening to Sean’s take on fatherhood & family life. He is such a humble guest and loved seeing a side of him, which was not discussed previously in the media. This episode is very insightful, packed with great advice. Got to agree that growing up in that era was not comfortable with parents being rigorous. I love how Sean encourages his children to do well by using a different approach. I would say it is the ideal approach. Love the advice, “Treat people as you want to be treated.” Thanks to Sean, I was able to clear a lot of doubts about being a great father. Alex, you are a great host, and love your voice. I see this as a service more than just a podcast. Thanks for publishing amazing content and inviting great guests to your podcast. Recommend this to anyone who enjoys listening about fatherhood & family Life.

Give This a Listen!

This podcast is one of a kind and a much needed resource for Dads and father figures. I just listened to the episode with Sean Hannity, and it’s so interesting to hear guys like him talk about being a father and their experiences. The host Alec Lace really moves the interviews along quick and asks some well thought out questions. Very entertaining and kept my attention! Glad I found this!

Incredible Show

What a well made show. Right off the bat you can tell this show is made by someone who knows what they're doing. Alec not only does a great job hosting, but he also really knows how to get the most out of his guests, of which there are some really great ones. Great show and a great subject matter to shine some light on. Keep up the great work!


Great content with a great cause!!! Thank you all

A First Class Podcast

What a great podcast so full of wisdom! Alec is a great host with some amazing guests. Just listening to Andy Stumpf's interview was a great reminder about embracing our children's passions, no matter how different or similar their path is to ours. It's our job to empower them, and this podcast empowers us to do just that. Can't wait to hear more aprental knowledge drops!!!

Am I a Father No? But did I enjoy this podcast?

I may not be a father, but this podcast was really educational. Fathers really get a bad rap today and it was nice to see a podcast show the good in dad’s. I just finished episode 399 with Andy Stumpf and it was great. I loved hearing Andy’s story about being in the military and fathering and I’m excited to hear more. Great podcast.


I love the amazing guests and awesome conversation. You guys are awesome. This is a must listen podcast! Man, awesome guests and amazing merchandise! Be sure to check this out for sure. Fathers are essential!

Great podcast

Loved the points that were mentioned! This was so real and most people don’t dive in this deep about these certain topics! Will definitely listen again

Eric Trump: Truly a top notch dad.

Eric Trump describes great parenting goals and methods. As a mother of four, I know that what he describes (work ethic, respect for self and others, manners, AND children being raised as each other friends) will result in what he is already fortunate to live: a strong and successful family where the children grow into their best selves.

Phenomenal podcast

Always top notch guests providing great insight. Love frogman Friday. Absolute favorites are Dom Raso and Floyd Mclendon. Keep it coming


Loved the episode with Struggle Jennings, the show and that the host doesn’t extensive research on his guests in effort to provide quality advice to his listeners. Struggle

Love the show

The wisdom dropped is actionable and timely for what dads need to hear today.

Excellent topics!

Seriously thought out topics and the delivery is on point! One of my favorite subscriptions!

Realistic point of view from a down to earth father!

What a fantastic new podcast from a young father of 4 children. It’s nice to hear someone else out there who celebrates family life & family values!

Great Topics!

This podcast addresses so many things that us dads think about but usually never ask out loud. Great show!


Love the overall message of this podcast! We need people who are willing to speak the TRUTH. Thank you!🇺🇸

First-class podcast!

I found your podcast through Jedlie and I’m so glad I did! Your episode with Checkmate Charlie made me so happy and was adorable to listen to. Thanks for your work! I work for a family-based publishing company called Familius. I think you’d love to speak with PW bestseller “Made for Me”’s author Zack Bush! Please let me know if you’d like to have him on as a guest. His book about the magical bond between dads and their kids!

Bruno da Gama - Dads On Fire Project

Great stuff man! Keep it up!


First class all the way! This is probably one of the best podcast I have ever heard on the family, and fatherhood. Thank you for providing such a great outlet for your thoughts and ideas!

Not just for dads!

We are 2 moms with 4 kids & 2 husbands between us (and a few dogs!) This podcast is for everyone- family based, and relatable stories whether you have kids or are planning to. It’s not always for the faint of heart - this parenthood stuff, and when you listen to this show, you feel like even though we all have no idea what we’re doing as a dad or mom, if your intentions are good - you are good enough! He gets to the hard stuff, the funny stuff and everything else. Great guests too. Listen and you’ll see - definitely worth your time!

Killing it

This podcast is legit. Not only is it real talk but the host is a truly awesome guy! Short and to the point and nothing but the best info for fathers out there!

Enlightening, informative and fun.

While kids may not be my cup o tea it takes a true master to make a podcast about them fun for both parents and non-parents. Listening makes me reminisce about my past family life good moments and bad and how important some of these ideals are for making a person.


sweet show really enjoy it thanks!!!

Fatherhood’s #1 Advocate

I love the premise. Alec is open about his biases towards parenting. If you want to hear about the negatives of parenting, go find another podcast. I appreciate that because Alec is on to something. Parenting gets a bad name these days (and although I feel that is fair), it's nice to see a person like Alec attempt to defend fatherhood. Alec is non judgemental, and doesn't act like he knows everything about parenting. As an expecting father, I hate hearing people act like they know everything because they had a couple kids who turned out excellent. Little has actually been proven about parenting, and most just give theory or anecdotes. The shows are short and sweet, and Alec gives his experience. It's good topics to reflect on, and I bet parents would benefit from listening to First Class Fatherhood. Stay positive!

Excellent podcast

I enjoy this podcast it has stories and advice any father can relate too. Host is real down to earth and is relatable and not too preachy. Any Dad can gleam insights give it a listen! D. Marquez