First Class Fatherhood

Fatherhood’s #1 Advocate

I love the premise. Alec is open about his biases towards parenting. If you want to hear about the negatives of parenting, go find another podcast. I appreciate that because Alec is on to something. Parenting gets a bad name these days (and although I feel that is fair), it's nice to see a person like Alec attempt to defend fatherhood.

Alec is non judgemental, and doesn't act like he knows everything about parenting. As an expecting father, I hate hearing people act like they know everything because they had a couple kids who turned out excellent. Little has actually been proven about parenting, and most just give theory or anecdotes.

The shows are short and sweet, and Alec gives his experience. It's good topics to reflect on, and I bet parents would benefit from listening to First Class Fatherhood.

Stay positive!

April 8, 2018 by J1mb0S on Apple Podcasts

First Class Fatherhood