Jan. 18, 2019

#123 Heath Evans

#123 Heath Evans
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Episode 123 Heath Evans is a First Class Father and 10 year veteran of the NFL who played fullback for the Seahawks, Dolphins, Patriots and Saints. He was a part of the Saints team which won Super Bowl 44. In this episode of First Class Fatherhood Heath talks about CTE and when it’s a good age to let kids play tackle football. He speaks openly about the Sexual harassment charges that have been made against him resulting in him being fired by the NFL Network where he worked for seven years. He also delivers an awesome message about Fatherhood, Family and Faith! You can connect with him on Instagram - https://instagram.com/heathevans44?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=dbnp60xy8gdd The Human Trafficking Organization talked about in this episode can be found - https://www.a21.org/index.php?site=true First Class Fatherhood is sponsored by NFW Watch Company SAVE 15% OFF Watches by Visiting NFWonline.com Use Promo Code: FATHER SeatGeek SAVE $20 OFF Tickets by Visiting seatgeek.com Use Promo Code: FIRSTCLASS --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/alec-lace/support