March 13, 2019

#157 Tyler Jack Harris

#157 Tyler Jack Harris
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Episode 157 Tyler Jack Harris is a First Class Father who went from the unemployment line to millionaire in just three and a half years. He sold over 8,000 Life insurance policies in that time and he is giving back by sharing his experience with others on Social Media. Tyler is a fairly new Father with a two year old daughter, but his message about fatherhood and how it changed his perspective on life is powerful. His philosophy is a big reason for all his success and he offers some insight and advice that can help all Dads gain some motivation to succeed as well. First Class Fatherhood is sponsored by NFW Watch Company SAVE 15% OFF Watches by Visiting Use Promo Code: FATHER SeatGeek SAVE $20 OFF Tickets by Visiting Use Promo Code: FIRSTCLASS --- Support this podcast: