May 2, 2019

#191 Jason Khalipa

#191 Jason Khalipa
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Episode 191 Jason Khalipa is a First Class Father and CrossFit Legend who became the CrossFit World Champion in 2008 and earned the title of Fittest Man On The Planet. He now owns multiple gyms and hosts a podcast called Coffee with Khalipa. In this episode Jason tells us how he became involved with CrossFit, Which exercise he believes is the most beneficial and how he and his family handled the devastating news when his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of four. He also delivers great advice about fatherhood and family life that all Dads will benefit from. First Class Fatherhood is sponsored by SeatGeek SAVE $20 OFF Tickets by Visiting Use Promo Code: FIRSTCLASS Sir Dapp! Game Show by Crystal Tree Group Carma Project - First Class Fatherhood Is Now available on Podcoin On Podcoin, you get paid to listen! --- Support this podcast: