May 29, 2018

#51 Kevin & Lindsey Lacz

#51 Kevin & Lindsey Lacz
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Episode 51 Kevin & Lindsey Lacz join me on the podcast. Kevin is a former Navy SEAL, Best Selling Author and First Class Father. His wife Lindsey was kind enough to set this up. I hope you enjoy! Thank you for making First Class Fatherhood a #1 RANKED Podcast on Apple Podcasts Charts for Kids & Family! Every Day is Father’s Day First Class Fatherhood makes an excellent Free Father’s Day Gift for any Father Figure! Support - First Class Fatherhood - Please find this Episode as well as all the Best Podcasts from First Class Fatherhood Apple Podcast App - Podcasts for Android - OverCast - Facebook - Twitter - Website - Email - You may not always fly first class, but you’re always a First Class Father --- Support this podcast: