Aug. 16, 2021

#518 Alex Marlow

#518 Alex Marlow
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Episode 518 Alex Marlow is a First Class Father and editor-in-chief of Breitbart News Network. He hosts the flagship radio show Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM’s Patriot channel. Alex has been on the cover of Time and Newsweek, named in Forbes 30 Under 30, and called “perhaps the most significant media figure in America.” He is also the New York Times Bestselling Author of BREAKING THE NEWS. In this Interview, Alex shares his Fatherhood journey which includes 2 children. He discusses the importance of having a father in the home and why he encourages young men to start families. He describes how fatherhood has changed him and why he considers himself a stay at home dad while being the editor-in-chief of Breitbart News. He offers some great advice for new or about to be Dads and more! This interview was recorded live at Turning Point USA in Tampa. Subscribe to First Class Fatherhood and watch on YouTube - SPONSORS: SeatGeek - Promo Code: FirstClass Save: $20 off tickets MY PILLOW - Promo Code: Fatherhood Save Up To 66% Off 1-800-875-0219 More Ways To Listen - First Class Fatherhood Merch - Follow me on instagram - For information about becoming a Sponsor of First Class Fatherhood please hit me with an email: --- Support this podcast: