Aug. 17, 2022

#622 Chris Myers

#622 Chris Myers
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Episode 622 - Chris Myers is a First Class Father and Sportscasting Legend.  He has covered the Super Bowl, the World Series, the NBA Finals, the NCAA Final Four, The Masters, the U.S. Open, the Triple Crown, the Olympics, and the Daytona 500.  Chris spent ten years at ESPN, hosting SportsCenter, Baseball Tonight, and other shows.  In 1998 he joined Fox Sports where he continues to work today.  He was awarded an Emmy in the Sports Features category in 1990 as an anchor/reporter.  

In this Episode, Chris shares his Fatherhood journey which includes two sons, one of which passed away in a car accident.  He discusses the loss of his son Christopher at the age of 19 and the support that poured in to help him cope with the tragedy.  He describes his kids reaction to him covering major sporting events as well as his famous interview with O.J. Simpson.  He talks about the importance of spending time with his family and balancing that with his career.  He offers some great advice for new or soon-to-be dads and more!

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