Oct. 7, 2022

#643 Captain Jason Chambers

#643 Captain Jason Chambers

Episode 643 - Captain Jason Chambers is a First Class Father and star of BELOW DECK: DOWN UNDER.  He is the youngest Captain of the BELOW DECK franchise but comes with more than two decades of experience charting private yachts for clients on the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. He is an Australian native but has lived all over the world.  When not sailing the high seas, Captain Chambers runs a villa in Ocam Ocam in the Philippines.

In this Episode, Captain Chambers shares his Fatherhood journey which includes an eight year old daughter.  He discusses the challenges of being a Captain while also being a father.  He describes how he didn’t think he would ever have kids and how becoming a dad has changed his perspective on life.  He talks about the difficult decision of continuing his career as a Captain while wanting to stay present as a father.  He offers some great advice for new or soon-to-be dads and more!

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