Dec. 14, 2022

#671 Dr. Drew

#671 Dr. Drew
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Episode 671 - Dr. Drew Pinsky is a First Class Father, doctor of internal medicine and multimedia personality.  Dr. Drew began his media career by hosting the nationally syndicated radio show, Loveline. This iconic show aired for over thirty-two years.  Dr. Drew’s vast experience with treating addiction led to hosting stints on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, the wildly popular VH1 series that chronicled celebrities’ struggle for sobriety, and Rehab with Dr. Drew, which followed the experiences of everyday people battling addiction. 

Dr. Drew hosts the hit MTV reality television series, Teen Mom OG, as well as all of the Teen Mom 2 reunion specials.  He shares his wisdom, opinions and humor on a variety of podcasts, including his newest, most popular show, Dr. Drew After Dark, a modern reincarnation of the popular Loveline Show. He also hosts the award-winning Dr. Drew Podcast, and The Adam and Drew Show,  co-hosted by Adam Carolla (guest on Ep. 451). 

In this Episode, Dr. Drew shares his Fatherhood journey which includes triplets.  He discusses the importance of marriage and why young couples need to stop giving up on marriage. He describes the challenges of working as a doctor and media personality while being a dad.  He talks about the Fatherless Crisis and the patterns he has seen with men and women who grow up without a father in the home. He describes his discipline style as a dad of triplets.  He offers some great advice for new or soon-to-be dads and much more!

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