Jan. 11, 2023

#674 Patrick Bet-David

#674 Patrick Bet-David
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Episode 674 - Patrick Bet-David is a First Class Father, Entrepreneur and creator of Valuetainment.  His family immigrated to America when he was 10 years old.  After high school Patrick joined the U.S. military and served in the 101st Airborne before starting a business career in the financial services industry.  After a tenure with a couple of traditional companies, he was inspired to launch PHP Agency Inc., an insurance sales, marketing and distribution company – and did so before he turned 30.

In 2013 he launched Valuetainment, a media brand intended to teach entrepreneurship fundamentals and inspire people to break free from detrimental beliefs and limitations.

Patrick is the host of Spotify’s #1 Business Podcast, PBD Podcast.  He is also a world renowned speaker and bestselling author. 

In this Episode, Patrick shares his Fatherhood journey which includes four children.  He discusses his parenting philosophy and what he uses as currency to motivate his kids.  He describes his discipline style as a dad and how that differs from his own upbringing.  He talks about the Fatherless Crisis and the need for strong fathers in America.  He tells a story about teaching his son a difficult lesson while on vacation.  He gives advice for dads looking to become entrepreneurs.  He lays out his goals for 2023. He offers some great advice for new or soon-to-be dads and more!

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