March 10, 2023

#687 Chris Beck

#687 Chris Beck
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Episode 687 - Chris Beck is a Retired Navy SEAL who served for 20 years and completed 13 deployments, 7 of which were combat deployments.  He served with DEVGRU, better known as SEAL Team 6 and received multiple awards and decorations including a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.  Chris gained public attention in 2013 after coming out as a trans woman and started going by the name Kristin.  He has now detransitioned back to Chris and is speaking out against the Transgender Community forcing their ideology on children.

In this Episode, Chris shares his Fatherhood journey which includes two sons and one child he is in the process of adopting.  He discusses how his career in the military as a high level operator as well as his transition to a woman severed his relationship with his children.  He describes the dangers of Transgenderism being forced on children.  He gives a message to his sons and hopes to one day heal their relationship.  He offers some great advice for new or soon to be dads and more!

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