May 12, 2023

#707 Arron Crascall

#707 Arron Crascall
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Episode 707 - Arron Crascall is a First Class Father and Social Media Comedian.  He grew popular making Vine videos and became recognized as one of the UK's most popular social media comedians.  He was working as a bookie when he began making a steady stream of public pranks, reaction videos, and creating zany characters.  He has grown his Social Media following to over 23 Million followers including over 10 million on Facebook.

In this Episode, Arron shares his Fatherhood journey which includes 3 children.  He discusses his unlikely rise to fame making Vine videos.  He describes the challenges facing content creators today who are just starting out.  He talks about his passion for Art and how he has now become a successful artist as well as a Social Media influencer.  He discusses his feelings about his kids following in his footsteps.  He shares his discipline style as a dad and whether or not his kids can tell when the funny dad is being serious.  He offers some great advice for new or soon-to-be dads and more!

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