Oct. 26, 2018

#92 Craig Sawyer

#92 Craig Sawyer
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Episode 92 Craig Sawyer is a former Marine & Navy SEAL Team 6 Operator who founded Veterans 4 Child Rescue after his daughter was kidnaped and assaulted. He has taken up the fight against Child Sex Traffickers and our world is a safer and better place for our kids to live in because of him. The Child Trafficking problem in the United States is horrifying. Please listen to this very important episode of First Class Fatherhood as I speak with the Combat Veteran about fatherhood, Vets 4 Child Rescue and so much more. Please visit his awesome foundation here: https://vets4childrescue.org And let’s get these pedophiles off the streets and away from our children. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/alec-lace/support