Dave Liniger co-founder of RE/MAX • Interview on First Class Fatherhood

Dave Liniger is a First Class Father and co-founder of RE/MAX, the Denver-based global real estate franchise that he co-founded with his wife Gail in 1973. RE/MAX is the leading franchisor of real estate offices throughout the world and has expanded to over 8,000 offices in over 100 countries, with 125,000+ sales agents. Dave is internationally renowned for his real estate and franchising expertise and is widely credited with improving conditions for real estate agents. Over the course of his career, he has spoken to more than 3 million people in over 30 countries. He has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune Inc, Success and other leading publications and media outlets across the globe.
In this Episode, Dave shares his Fatherhood journey which includes four children who are now all in their fifties. He discusses the current state of the Real Estate market. He describes the correct path for Dads to take who are interested in a career in Real Estate. He talks about his time as a NASCAR driver. He tells us about his podcast, Ambition & Grit: Dave’s key to navigating his career. He offers some great advice for New or Soon-To-Be Dads and more!

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