Richard & Bryce Newman Interview • Miracle At Manchester

Richard & Bryce Newman are the focus of the film “Miracle At Manchester” which is streaming now on PureFlix. In 2015, Richard’s son, Bryce Newman at 15 years old, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma – a very aggressive and fast-growing brain cancer. He endured two 10-hour brain surgeries, chemo, radiation and one year of intense physical therapy.
In April 2016, with Bryce’s cancer spreading and given the news of a 5% chance of survival 5 years out, 1800 students & staff from his high school in San Diego, came together at Manchester Stadium and prayed over Bryce.
Miraculously, three weeks later, an MRI showed that the tumor had shrunk. Now Bryce’s passion is to help other children battling cancer to not give up trusting in God and the power of prayer.
In this Episode, Richard & Bryce share their experience and discuss the film “Miracle At Manchester” to separate facts from Hollywood fiction. Richard discusses how he became angry with God and struggled with his faith during his son’s original diagnosis. Bryce describes how he never lost faith and why it is his life’s purpose to help give faith to those who are facing similar circumstances. Richard talks about working with Eddie McClintock, the actor, and director, who portrayed Richard in the film. Bryce, now at Texas A&M shares his plans for the future. Bryce also gives a message of hope to other families stricken with news of a cancer diagnosis. Richard offers some great advice for new or soon-to-be dads and more!

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