Ryan and Brecken Michler Interview | Man in the Making

Today I’m joined by Ryan and Brecken Michler for a Special Father/Son interview on First Class Fatherhood. Ryan Michler is a First Class Father and host of ORDER OF MAN. Recently his son Brecken launched a Father/Son podcast called MAN IN THE MAKING. In their new podcast, Father and son, Ryan and Brecken Michler talk about all the issues men should discuss with their boys - drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, girls, discipline, commitment, and growing up. These conversations are designed to spark meaningful dialogue between you, as a father, and your own sons as you work to usher him into manhood. In this Episode, Ryan and Brecken discuss why they launched MAN IN MAKING. They describe what it’s like working together making the podcast and what they have learned about each other. They talk about their experience participating in THE SQUIRE program of Bedros Keuilian and Ray Care (both previous guests on First Class Fatherhood). Brecken offers advice for other young men hoping to start a podcast and Ryan offers some great advice for new or about to be Dads.

MAN IN THE MAKING - https://www.maninthemaking.com/

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