Sean Parnell Interview • Family Court Corruption

Sean Parnell is a First Class Father, Combat Veteran and NYT Bestselling Author. He retired from military service as a highly decorated U.S. Army Captain, receiving 2 Bronze Stars (one for valor), and the Purple Heart. I sat down with Sean for this interview at CPAC in Washington DC. Sean was endorsed by President Donald Trump in his US Senate bid in Pennsylvania but was forced to suspend his campaign due to a custody battle filled with false allegations by his ex wife. Sean is now the host of Battleground Podcast where he talks about leadership & life with America’s most accomplished warriors, authors, media personalities, executives & political leaders.
In this Episode, Sean gives us an update on his kids and discusses the powerful and corrupt Family Court System in America. He describes what he has learned so far from going through a painful and public custody battle and gives advice for dads on the onset of a divorce and custody struggle. He talks about his new wife Melanie, and how they are managing with their blended family. He offers some great advice for new or soon-to-be dads and more.

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